15 Best Web Design Trends in 2017

Being updated with recent trends is a crucial part of the web designer. As web design is a growing and moving sector, it is being updated regularly. So being up-to-date is mandatory for all designers. If you make a project with backdated tools, it can make your work less valuable. On the other hand, the newest tools are made with the latest technology which is compatible with any newest devices. So going with the latest trends, it will increase your reputation and value on the same market. In this case, we have made 15 best web design trends of 2017 to make you more updated.
Consequently, if you make sure using this latest tools or program in your recent work, it will be adaptable for anyone. Especially, the web design sector is moving so fast. Everyday new tools are adding to make something new. So adopting new tools will increase your assumption in the tech industry. Similarly, we will also see some trends from the previous year which is making sense in 2017 too. As a result, I have made 15 best web design trends of 2017 to make you more perfect. Let’s talk about the trends…
I’ve researched in many places even I have talked with many web experts to make this list. So the tool will ensure your expertness very much in this sector.

1. Card design and grid layouts

Best Web Design Trends

Firstly, Card design and grid layouts are popularized by pinterest (image sharing site). Continuously, card design is becoming a trend and hoping you will see more dynamic grid style in 2017. Basically, the simplicity, organization, flexibility and responsiveness has made the card design more appealing. Important to realize, cards help to access a lot of data in one place. Within one page you can highlight more thing for the reader. As days are passing so quickly, men are busy and interested in taking data and information from one place.

Not to mention, Vice, Tumblr, and Dribbble are using Card layout to give more user-friendly browsing for all. For giving more information from one page, highlighting more product into one places and making a great sample of the portfolio are making a card design more significant view. Experts are expecting many new concept and system will come in the card design and grid layouts section in 2017.

2. Gradient

Instead of using Flat design, Gradient is replacing the place in the web design sector. Recently, Gradient is popping up everywhere. So, experts are describing it as come back. Using two color effects which are mostly known as gradient and it is being used from Backgrounds to image overlays. In the past, we have seen some little variants in gradient. If you see Apple iOS icons, you will realize the matter.

On the other hand, Gradient is becoming big, bold and using plenty of colors. In the image we are finding to use two color gradient overlays recently. By all means, it is making the photos absolutely amazing. Similarly, without using any specific photos in the background, we have noticed many of the designers are using special gradients effects to make it more attractive. With this in mind, Gradient is going to become next web design trends in 2017. So gradient is taking the place for new, up and coming trends as web color.

3. Single page dot navigation

Best Web Design Trends

As Single Page websites are increasing day by day. It is a trend of making single page websites and single page apps. On the other hand, dot navigation is a similar trend for making single page websites. Actually, a series of circular icons in the left or right sidebar will indicate how many pages you have. Every dot indicates a new page. When you want to go new pages you can scroll down or up or you can easily select the dot for new pages. This layout gives new design on every page. Notably, you can attract by this appealing design. You can see a sample layout from here

4. Icon Design on Web design

Best Web Design Trends

Icon design industry has passed a few years already and it is entering in the new ways. Many startups and companies are giving importance to invest in this sector. As a result, icon designer is making new concept and ideas to present awesome graphical interfaces. With the increasing of gradient color, they are making a tradition in icon design too.
On the other hand, some of the hand-drawn designers have shown that how an icon can change the appearance when executed skillfully. UI designers have implemented many icons with a subtle surrounding shape which is also known as Stars and Speckles. Designers are expecting more creative ways will continue in the icon design sector with many visually impressive way. Certainly. Icon design is going as on of the best web design trends in 2017.

5. High-quality authentic photography

Best Web Design Trends

An image can express 100 words without any speech. To get more integration from a reader, an image can make your content extraordinary. Similarly, images with right content can make your web content more focused among the reader.
But stock photography is making bored to us. As stock photography is the main source of images for all. But if you can add some optimized authentic photography among your content will be great chances for going your post viral. As we are more realistic now, so adding realistic images will make your content more attractive. On the other hand, a good theme is an important part to make the images more authentic. If you use a theme which is very chaos, it will not make any sense of your reader. Though you have added the best content and more authentic photos. So make a combination in design to get more attention from the reader.

6. VR and 360º video and virtual Reality

Best Web Design Trends

Virtual Reality will be the trends for next world even in 2017. Though Most of the devices and browsers are not supporting it. But VR and 360º videos are going to an important part in the web design sector. Google, MicroSoft, SONY and many more technology giant are giving importance in this section very much. As we are accepting the video world as a part of the life. So it is going to become a bloody part in the web design sector.

7. Intuitive forms and natural language interfaces

To make your visitor and customer more interactive with your service, forms are being used in everywhere like for registration, bookings, check out, customer feedback, subscriptions, and so on. So integrating the form in your web page is very necessary for 2017. On the other hand, getting customer data businesses are trying to make an attractive form to connect with the visitor.
Similarly, Clunky forms can damage your aim of using forms. So making simple but attractive forms will be a trend for next couple of years. In 2017 we will see some more natural language interfaces form to access information in a fun way.

8. Increasing web app functionality

Best Web Design Trends

A web app is an intellectual way to provide better service with your web page. Mainly, web apps are making your website more dynamic with best features. Suppose, you want to sell event tickets from your WordPress website, you don’t need to develop a full functionality web application. Rather, you can take the help of some simple plugins like Tickera to make any static website into full ticketing solution. Without developing any apps traditionally, make sure to develop anything that can reduce your hard work, time and money. As like, WooCommerce is a web app which can make any WordPress site into an e-commerce system.
So, experts are giving focus in this sector. Maybe web apps will play as best web design trends in 2017.

9. More focus on animation

Best Web Design Trends

Animation makes more attraction in the content. On the other hand, animation as a part of visual content increases the UI of the pages. So, in the web design sector animation is entering so quickly. Though simple animation in the navigation menus, slider or pages are being used regularly. But in 2017 you should give more focus on animation. Without building some traditional effects on the web page, go for more unique idea to lead the web design sector. Generate more concept on animation. As it is one of the best web design trends in 2017.

10. Ultra-minimalism

Earlier the most amazing and new trends were minimalism. But in recent Ultra-minimalism has been added to make more variants the minimalist style. Actually, the core concept of minimalism is “Less is More”. The theme is popularized by Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. In web design, minimalism has been added as express elements which are essential only. Specially, make it so simple, but will be awesome in UI and UX. For this reason, Ultra-minimalism concept has attracted the soft corner of the pro designer. Similarly, it is going one of the best web design trends in 2017 or next.

11. Mega menus

Best Web Design Trends

Mega menus are one the best web design trends as navigation. Most of the popular magazines are using their navigation as like mega menus. Actually, it works fine for any kinds of good content site or blog. But if any site doesn’t offer or not planning a large amount of content they should skip this service.
Basically, normal menus have been replaced with wider column mega menus. On of the best advantages of this navigation system is, it provides a good concept to the reader from the menus only. One disadvantage of this navigation system are that it won’t support the mobile browser. Though, for giving an extra taste for the desktop user, mega menus can be the best web design trends in 2017.

12. Overlapping Text and Images

Overlapping text slightly with image is becoming popular day by day. Actually, it is a concept where Text will be overlapped with the images. Many blogs and portfolios are using this tricks and getting good feedback. Generally, when you present any images without caption or text in the below can be missed or will not give any extra value for the images. So giving a text in the image with overlapping it makes more attention about the image. On the other hand, Freelance art director and front-end developer Thibault Pailloux has implemented this trick in his blogs with a colorful underline and it has become more outstanding than a simple one. So if you consider the trends in 2017 overlapping text into images are going one of them.

13. More focus on conversation

live chating

Making conversation with the visitor or customer will make more integration with your brands. You can perform this by emails, contact form, comment or bots. Bots is a web robot who will talk some similar topics like a human. Though virtual reality will not able to react like the natural human. But it can give some solution easily at any time. Furthermore, it can save times of you.
Similarly, experts are taking massive research to make the bot conversation more attractive and user-friendly. By all means, you have to make more focus on the conversation to become more connective. Important to realize, focusing on the conversation are going another best web design trends.

14. Big, bold type (Formatting)

Best Web Design Trends

Web content will perform well if it is well-formatted. Researchers have found that good-looking content with more information perform best and is liked by google also. we are very busy to take information from different sources. So, if you make some content with big and bold types it can attract the visitor in the first appearance. If you able to attract the visitors for the first time, you can easily make them an estate forever. Similarly, you should use good formatting system to attract the visitor.

15. Super Simple Homepages

Best Web Design Trends

Some designer were so crazy to make tight websites adding numerous things on the home page before. Then it was thought if you give more functions on the home page it will drive more visitor. But time has changed. Now webmaster, as well as internet surfer, are very smart. They like a simple design web page with good user-friendly. They take chaos web pages as like unprofessional. If anyone needs more content he/she can search in google or they can find out those from the navigation panel or scroll down. So make sure building super simple home pages with more user-friendly to proof himself as professional in the web world.

In conclusion, I will tell, 2017 is going to change the web industry significantly. We will try to make updated, user-friendly and customized unique layouts and content to stay alive in 2017. Someone is telling 2017 will bring some trends which lead the next tech and web design world.
Have I missed something that is going to held in 2017? If you find something like that share with us. Never hesitate to share the content among all to inform the next trends of 2017. Thanks in advance.

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