Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I change the write permissions for a folder (or file)?

    Important to realize, all the updates of any theme occur within the WordPress Admin Panel. So, when you try to get an update for our theme, it needs to connect with our servers. And if the connection gets any newest version/files in our servers, it will display the new update available into your WordPress dashboard….

  • All the Demo Content Images are Blurred. Why?

    When you import demo content in our theme, you will get most of the images as blurred. Due to legal rights of the images, we need to do it. Because we have bought the images for single uses only, we have no right to redistribute it. For this reason, all of the images on our…

  • What are Parent and Child themes?

    A child theme works within the functionality of a parent theme. You have to activate the child theme as well as you will customize the child theme also. The benefit is- you are not editing the core theme (Parent), instead customizing the child theme. As a result, the customization will not affect the core theme….

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