Welcome to Trendy Theme Premium Class Support. We always try to provide user-friendly support for all types of our users. With each purchase, you will receive 6 months to 1-year support depending on the package. The days will start from the day you complete the payment.


Where Can You Get a Support?

We are providing our dedicated support only from our support portal. With attention to, requesting from comments and personal messages, email, Twitter, LinkedIn or FaceBook may take a longer time to response. In some cases or issues, it may go overlooked.

Small Tips
(Before submitting any support ticket or planning, make sure you have read this Small Tips)

  • Please Make sure you have read our theme manual or documentation and you have tried to cover the problem before submitting a support ticket.
  • It will get priority who use the latest version of theme and theme related plugins.
  • You should always send support requests from the same email address you used to purchase the product. This helps us to identify the products you have purchased and kept all the communications in the same place.
  • Disable all kinds of third party plugins. As most of the time so-called plugins make conflict in your issues.
  • For taking technical support our recommendation is, you have to provide us your site URL and WordPress and FTP accesses. It will ensure your problem will be solved ASAP.
  • We are not responsible for leaking any personal or crucial information. For this reason, we highly recommend you to change all essential credentials before submitting it to us. Similarly, after completing solution make necessary changes with your needs.


Support includes

As a user of Trendy Theme, we offer supports that include…

  • All kinds of Guideline related to theme features and settings.
  • Fixing all types of bugs and issues reported or faced by you.
  • For all kinds of pre-sale question
  • Any kinds of question or knowledge bases for our services and issues.
  • Issues related to Trendy Theme product functionality.
  • Functionality for Trendy Theme products that is not working as advertised in the product’s description.


The following issues are not covered by support

Trendy Theme is not for the following issues…

  • Configuring server or issues that come from the complex server side.
  • Issues for customizing and installing services.
  • Any kinds of solution for Third Party plugins or issues that are not related to our product. For this reason, take support from related services.
  • We are bound to provide support to the customer who bought the product directly from us. If a developer buys a theme for his client, then the developer is our customer and he will be eligible for support. Not his client.


When posting an issue

When posting an issue make sure to include the following details…

  • Describe your problem as much possible as you can.
  • Attach images by screenshot in necessary cases.
  • Include your site URL for any issues. It will help us to realize the issues very quickly.
  • You will get the solution faster if you give details information of your problem with essential documents like the screenshot.
  • If you change any code of the theme, mention and describe with us including information.
  • We are offering live support and support via email. Choose any one of those channels for your support message.


Live Chat

We have some dedicated persons for supporting you in the Live Chat.Therefore, if you need any information for pre-sale purposes, you are cordially welcome in our Live Chat. If you have any query regarding the pricing, support policy, license terms, and features or functionality of Trendy themes, please feel free to knock at any time in the Live Chat. On the other hand, you can send mail if you get us in offline in the Live Chat.

Similarly, If you think the problem can be solved easily with little information then you can knock us anytime in the Live Chat.


Special Support for ThemeForest Product

If you face any problem buying a theme from ThemeForest, we are ready to give you special support. Important to realize, as a client of ThemeForest or taking support for our ThemeForest theme you have to provide us Purchase Code. First thing to remember, it’s only for proofing that you have taken our services. Another key point, We are giving simple support for ThemeForest User. We may not ready for major customization of your theme.


Support Hours

We are ready to support you at any time. Though support request from Saturday to Thursday between 10 AM to 7 PM (GMT+6) will be solved at once. Notably, all kinds of support are solved within 24 to 48 hours. In some cases, it may take longer time, but it never crosses 3 to 5 days to response.



Currently, the support is provided in English language only. If you are a non-english speaker, you may use Google Translate or take help from a bi-lingual friend. If you take in support take without English it will go unsolved.
On the Positive side, We will provide assistance to install, configure and use our product. We will fix the bugs caused solely by the theme or any dependent plugin that came with the theme. If a bug is caused by any other plugin other than ours, then we will not be liable to fix that. You may take customization services separately.

** This document was last updated on March 24, 2017 **