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Trendy Theme Floating Image next to Tabs widget
By desairo asked 2 years ago

I have a row that set up into 2 halves. I have a “Tabs” widget on the left side column to show a bunch of text content on the left hand side of the page. And then I’m using a “Single Image” widget on the right side column. I want the image to float alongside the left side Tabbed content as I am reading it, because it is longer. I will add images to show what I mean. Thank you for your help!
Screenshot A!ApOrCID8gT8Zl1jE887fgn7YQ2Ep?e=RC3dwM
Screenshot B!ApOrCID8gT8Zl1lms_9vrUXxdGP-?e=5Fn0kA

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