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By exactpub asked 4 years ago

Hi Can you please help with these questions.

      1. I would like to change the URL of all clients to read: instead of
      2. How can I also change the URL of all events to read : instead of
      3. On the home page Under the “Upcoming Events” section:
        -How can shapes, image and parallax objects colors be changed ?
        -Can the shapes be changed too?
        -The View & Download button I would like to change to red is there a way to do that. I only see a limited option on colors to change it to.
      4. How to change the color of the preloader dots? I want them changed to red (#d7132c) and black
  1. The Contact Page: I would like it to look like the demo I have tried to change it to that style but no luck.
  2. The Newsletter: I signed up for an account on MailChimp but I still getting the following error for the newsletter portion of the site: “MailChimp for WordPress error: There is no form with ID 0, perhaps it was deleted?” Can you please tell me how to fix this?

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