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ddamico asked 7 months ago

Trying this question again after several months — my website is not displaying the custom colors selected in-theme and I cannot figure out what the problem is. Here is the live link, clearly showing the default red / white scheme and font rather than my branded navy / purple and Google Font choices:
How do I resolve this?

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Trendy Theme Staff answered 7 months ago

In the last question, we told you we could not get any email from you. We requested you to provide your site admin access via email but you did not send. In this case, what can we do? If you do not share your site credentials how to check your dashboard issue?

We sure that it’s a caching issue on your server, this is not our theme issue. We have 1K+ satisfied user 25+ 5 start rating. 

We are checking your site and find out two issues here –

  1. You have used the caching plugin and your update is not showing for this cash issue. Clear the cash from plugin settings. See the screenshot –
  2. This is the custom-style.php file but the file is comment out and not loaded for showing output. If the output file is commented out then how to display the output???

Please resolved those issue, hope everything will be fine. And we requested you please change the feedback text and rating on ThemeForest.


ddamico answered 7 months ago

Thank you for this solution and I’ll try it, but no – this was a lapse on your end. Maybe your “private” setting doesn’t work on forum postings and you could never see what I was saying, but I provided my admin credentials several times. And you can see pretty clearly on your last email response that customer support said they’d be in touch shortly, and then never replied. This looks like a quick fix now that you’ve replied –it was a huge disappointment to pay for renewal of support on a political theme at the height of elections and be left hanging. I don’t appreciate being reprimanded as though I’m out of line, so I’m posting what I experienced below.

Trendy Theme Staff answered 7 months ago


Unfortunately, we could not get the private message for our server issue. We find out the color issue and everything looks like alright now. Here is the issue details:

The problem creates a3 Lazy Load –

The plugin shows a fatal error, it needs to be fixed for working. You can contact with plugin developer to fix that issue or you can just deactivate it or choose alternative one.