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Mansoor Anjarwala asked 1 week ago

Hi,  We want to order team members by a priority we set.  Can you please advise how we can get this done?  Right now, we can only order asc, dsc by name.

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Trendy Theme Staff answered 7 days ago


There is no option right now, but we will add this option in the next update.


Mansoor Anjarwala answered 5 days ago

Can you please tell me the schedule for next update?  

Trendy Theme Staff answered 4 days ago

Not sure but if you share your purchase code and FTP details (privately) then we will do for you quickly.


Mansoor Anjarwala answered 3 days ago

How do I share privately?

Trendy Theme Staff answered 3 days ago

please share the purchase code (privately)

Trendy Theme Staff answered 2 days ago


We have added three options here –