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SupportCategory: Susastho WPSusastho home slider doesn’t load content.
Susastho home slider doesn’t load content.
By TizianaYoga asked 1 year ago

Hello, dear Support team,
I recently purchased your beautiful Susastho theme. I’m having problems with the home silder, the text and buttons in the content most of the time aren’t loaded and when they’re loaded they are loaded with a huge delay (about a couple of minutes). I’m experiencing this issue on mobile and desktop sites, and on all the browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera etc..).
Could you please help me to fix that?
Thank you in advance for your time


I forgot to specify that I’ve already set the animation delay to 100 ms (the smallest option available) to try solving the issue on my own, but it didn’t affect the result and text content is still not being loaded.

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