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Social Share as a shortcode
By hopscotch asked 2 years ago

I was wondering is there any way to add the ‘Social share’ you have in the single Reformation page for single Issue pages? Also it should be ‘Issues’ not ‘Issue’. A typo on your part. I found the php in the single-tt-reformation.php file. I had it inserted into the single-tt-issue.php file but then I wouldn’t be able to use the WPBakery Page Builder. 
I am basically looking for the identical layout for a single Issue as you have with single Reformation pages. I rather call the remaining Issues at the bottom of the page as you have done with Reformations. I would just structure it all in the single-tt-issue.php file. I was able to add the thumbnail/featured image, title, content and then ‘Social Share’ but don’t know the webhook to pull in a row to display the other clickable Issue boxes as you have done with the single Reformation pages at the bottom.
I know this may go too far for support so I figured maybe you could come up with a short code for it?
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