SupportCategory: Materialize HTMLSmoothscroll.js blocking scroll on opera but if removed breaks sticky header
Tanya-t asked 2 years ago

I got Materialize html theme on envato elements and am using SEO template. The template is great, I am very happy with it except for this one bug:

1- smoothscroll.js breaks scroll in Opera.
2- getting rid of it fixes scroll in Opera but breaks sticky header in all browsers
3- the version of Smoothscroll I have is not the latest. As soon as I update it to the latest one, scroll gets fixed in Opera but sticky header still breaks

Here are the links: Without a link to smoothscroll:

With template’s default smoothscroll:

With the latest smoothscroll:

I am ok with no smoothscroll, it seems to be buggy and unnecessary in general, but I need to fix sticky header. Please help.

1 Answers
Trendy Theme Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello there,
I have tested your links in macOS and also in Windows PC. What exactly do you want? Would you like to remove smoothscroll from your projects and like to make your navbar sticky at the same time?

Let me know that and provide your FTP access or cPanel access privately. Or send your project file for figure out the issue.

Best Regards.