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Setting up woo commerce pages
By Jennifer Clark asked 4 years ago

I have the materialize site and am new to wordpress and had a few questions – site is

  1. I want to set up woo commerce for purchases and want to allow for product to be delivered as a digital download? Cant figure out how to make that happen?
  2. Users will go thru the purchase process from the product page, but I don’t understand where to locate the login page and my accounts – I stuck in the navigation which looks dumb – can you tell me how to use the login and my accounts capability properly?  
  3. Is there a way to change/modify the header below the  navigation – the words and color? Ideally I could set change out a header image for each section
  4. There is a page header section in the materialize customize options, but I dont get how to use it for pages that are not listed on that page – There are like 100 pages that loaded with the demo import and there are maybe 8 pages listed on the header options page..

Thanks very much for your help,

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