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Nermin Elkasović asked 1 month ago

I found some bugs and improvements, please fix them asap. I can not go online without.

  1. There are many options given for ordering the sessions
    How can I access and change the order then
    Also, it is very logical to have a manual order if the event is on a single day.
    I need to order events up to time like 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 15:00.
  2. Also, when I select META – where is META
  3. How can I have just normal text as written in section title?
    Because Default is not working, it does still capitalize.
  4. I need to disable the filter on sessions please
  5. Please add ability to switch to list view too, other themes have such basic stuff.
  6. I need to have these localized, where can I translate them

Thank you


5 Answers
Nazibul Hasan Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Thank you for contacting us. We are going to answer your question serially soon.

Nermin Elkasović answered 4 weeks ago

Thank you very much.

Nazibul Hasan Staff answered 4 weeks ago

1/ You can easily setup your session time by “date”, If you need any help setup, Please let us know.
2/ Actually, by mistake it shows this description. Please ignore it.
3/ Yes, We have to fixed it.Please share us your Site credential to fix the issue.
4/ To disable the filter, We need your FTP access.
5/ We will add in our next update.
6/ You have to change manually from functions.php file. see the screenshot =>
Best Regards

Nermin Elkasović answered 4 weeks ago

Thank you for your response.
The point is not to fix it only for me. I can do that by myself if so. I would appreciate to have it fixed in the core and to release an update. Just hide elements with css or by commenting it out is simple.
Thank you for understanding.

Nazibul Hasan Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Thank for your concern. We will fix all those issues in our next update.
Best Regards