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Session order
By Nermin Elkasović asked 4 years ago

I found some bugs and improvements, please fix them asap. I can not go online without.

  1. There are many options given for ordering the sessions
    How can I access and change the order then
    Also, it is very logical to have a manual order if the event is on a single day.
    I need to order events up to time like 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 15:00.
  2. Also, when I select META – where is META
  3. How can I have just normal text as written in section title?
    Because Default is not working, it does still capitalize.
  4. I need to disable the filter on sessions please
  5. Please add ability to switch to list view too, other themes have such basic stuff.
  6. I need to have these localized, where can I translate them

Thank you


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