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SupportRajneti Theme Plugin Burger Menu Not Responding
Rajneti Theme Plugin Burger Menu Not Responding
By Sean Dwyer asked 2 months ago

My website is, and I am currently experiencing an issue with the drop down mobile menu. The “burger” still appears as it should when the screen size is reduced (and of course on mobile) and changes colors when hovered over, but does not respond when clicked on.
When I disable the TrendyTheme Core Plugin (Trendy Theme Plugin for Rajneti Theme v1.2) mobile menu works, so the issue might be with the plugin it seems.

I have updated the Rajneti theme to v1.3 (the most current version), but the TrendyTheme Core Plugin still shows as v1.2. Does this plugin also need to be updated to v1.3 in order to take advantage of the changes? Could this be causing my menu issues?

EDIT: I can’t seem to locate a v1.3 of the plugin, so it seems like v1.2 is the latest version.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,

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