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Aenarion asked 4 months ago


I have a server with LSWS and PHP 7.2 and all the required limits that you can check here:

This is the error that I receive:

An error occurred while fetching file from:!
Reason: http_request_failed – cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 20001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received.

Any ideas how to solve this because whatever I tried it’s not working. Manual installing is not working as well.

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Nazibul Hasan Staff answered 4 months ago

Thank you for contacting us. Would you please share us your site admin access privately( to check the issue?

Nazibul Hasan Staff answered 4 months ago


The issue created for the limitation of server memory. Please contact your hosting provider to change the value of php.ini:

max_input_vars = 5000
post_max_size 48M
upload_max_filesize 48M

Best Regards

Aenarion answered 3 months ago

Thanks it was a problem with the serve firewall.