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Standards Map asked 5 months ago

Is there any way I can filter the Portfolio to be displayed on a specific page based on the portfolio category?
I am using Materialize 1.4 on WordPress

3 Answers
Trendy Theme Staff answered 5 months ago


Your question is not clear to us, please tell us clearly what you want.


Standards Map answered 5 months ago

I currently have 9 portfolios organized under two different categories, category 1 and category 2.
When making using the element TT Portfolio on page A, I would like to only the portfolios which are categorized underĀ  category 1. On a different page, page B, I would like to also use TT Portfolio but only load the portfolios caregorized under category 2.
Right now I cannot select which category portfolios actually get loaded when using the TT Portfolio element.
Thanks for your help

Nazibul Hasan Staff answered 5 months ago

Sorry to say, currently there is not option like you want but we will try to add in our next update.