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Please help bugs are stopping our progression
By kollectif asked 9 months ago


We have recently purchased your theme for building a campaign website. However, we are experiencing confusion and delays in our workflow due to bugs and glitches. You can find our site via this link:
Date and time

  • We are operating out of Switzerland and thus wish to show the dates without AM/PM 
  • (under /wp-admin/options-general.php we have set the time to be of European standards, but it still overrides our configuration)

Line break

  • When using the <br> top create a line break, it works when we preview the modification, but as soon as we click to save the modification, the theme overrides our changes. 

Support username + password
User: Trendysupport
Password: 2aXgImMVFz^jX$L1$!26Gffw
Thank you in advance for the support. We hope to hear from you soon. 

Best regards

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