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ddamico asked 11 months ago

Hi there — I’ve added custom CSS to vertically align my menu with the larger logo, but the font looks a bit small in the space. How can I make it larger and bold, and how can I also move the Donate button down in alignment with the rest of the menu? See screenshot:


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Nazibul Hasan Staff answered 11 months ago

Thank you for contacting us. Would you please share us your site URL to fix that issues?

Nazibul Hasan Staff answered 11 months ago

You can add margin in this class”.main-menu .donate-button” see the screenshot:

jc555 answered 2 weeks ago

Can you please reply with the custom CSS code you used to vertically align the menu and also the donate button so it aligns with a larger logo. I have tried everything and can not get the custom CSS right.