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Will Davison asked 2 weeks ago

Hi guys, 
Just wondering where I can change the hover colour of the Menu Navigation. Currently when you hover over each Nav they turn white, which is the same colour as the background.

1 Answers
Trendy Theme Staff answered 2 weeks ago


We have no hover color changes option. But we will add this option in the next update. At this moment you can change the hover color by using this code:

.menu-wrapper .navbar-nav > li:hover > a, .menu-wrapper .navbar-nav > li >, .menu-wrapper .navbar-nav > li.current-menu-ancestor>a, .menu-wrapper .navbar-nav > li.current-menu-parent>a, .menu-wrapper .navbar-nav > li.current-menu-item>a {
    color: #ffffff;

Copy this code and paste into Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS field. You need to change #ffffff color code with your color code.

If you failed to implement this code then share your site admin access, we will help you to implementation.

Kind Regards.