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SupportMix of two templates
Mix of two templates
By Denis Vasilyev asked 5 years ago

I have a question.. Is it possible to mix two different templates? iamx 1.2 and uniquebiz?
Just because i don’t need a map in my site i want to use another contact form) So, i want to set up contact form from uniquebiz instead of iamx contact form.
By the way, one more question. Is it possible just to delete a map from iamx template? Tried many times and it was unsuccessful.
Please help me to solve this problem. 

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Trendy Theme Staff answered 5 years ago

Thanks for checking out our template!
Of course you can merge two or more different html templates in one single template. You can also add or remove any section in html template.

Just keep in mind being a free product, this template is distributed as-is without official support. 
If you are a developer you should make it yourself otherwise you should hire a developer.

You can also make a custom design/develop order as you need. We have an amazing team to help you.

Best Regards.

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