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By edmpanduki asked 5 years ago

I’m enjoying the Nominee theme but there one feature that I’m missing and I was hoping you can suggest a plugin or if  it’s something you guys already have let me know. I need a plugin that allow people to become members of the party, basically they’d put in their information name, lastname, email  address etc then pay a membership fee say $5 for the year or also allow for say lifetime membership for maybe $50 and once they do this the system generates a membership number for the user and obviously a username and password which they can 

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Trendy Theme Staff answered 5 years ago


The nominee has not features that you are asking, but you can use a third-party plugin for that. You can use Ultimate Membership Pro. Actually, we have no planned to add this features right now and not yet test with our theme. You can use it your own risk. 


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