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Issues with Website Logo and Mobile Menu Bar
By CarterBrownlee asked 8 months ago

Hello there, 
I have completed my site but two issues persist that I cannot fix. Here is the link to my site:

  1. The logo in the header/menu bar is very blurry. I have used the recommended dimensions (145px by 55px) which, I assume, is why. However, if I use a higher resolution file at the same dimensions, the logo simply increases size on the screen moving everything around it. Is there any way I can input a higher resolution file and keep the same logo size?
  2. The mobile menu (which you can see if you open the link on a phone), has issues with the ‘hamburger’ menu and the donation button. Specifically, the donation button is white (even though it is red on the desktop site) and the hamburger menu button, when pressed turns solid white, and then when you click away, remains white making it hard to distinguish between the two buttons. 

Help on these issues would be greatly appreciated. 
Best regards,

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