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Issue with nominee
By Armon-Plan asked 11 months ago

I have some issues with the template Nominee WP, can you help please ? 🙂

1/ The menu is not vertically aligned (forced to play with margins but i think there should be a more elegant way ?)
2/ some of the WpBakery page builder features doesn’t work (like vertical align columns or Equal height columns)
3/ The mailchimp newsletter doesn’t want to display with your custom bloc ( it says “Mailchimp for WordPress error: There is no form with ID 0, perhaps it was deleted?”) but we don’t removed any mailchimp forms and we cant choose an other form ID, like it’s hard coded

4/ The event list page can be edited but the Event Details cannot ? 🙁

5/ For the events, how can i turn the 12h format date to 24h format please ?

6/ I cant find where to edit Speakers, is there an additionnal plugin to download ?

Thank you in advance !

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