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I AM X – few errors
By David Riquelme asked 5 years ago

First of all I love the theme, it was exactly what I was after!
I have started to edit it and I have come across a few issues. 
The main issue is the “Works” section. As is, if viewed on a mobile or tablet the link icon or magnify glass does not appear. So when you tap on the image, nothing happens in tablet or mobile. It needs to work. If you tap it in the right spot which is in the middle and on the top sometimes it will work.
Safari/Firefox issue. At the moment I have 3 rows of work as an example. When it first loads on mobile phone in Safari, the portfolio items begin to overlap eachother. I have no idea why. It works well when you preview on your local drive, but when you upload it, they begin to overlap. Soon as you play around with the filters it fixes itself.
The Mobile menu – Once the user taps on their menu item it should close automatically.
I also feel the thumbnail image should be different to the gallery image. That way you can create a fancy crop in the thumbnail to make it look more interesting rather than a scaled down version. Smaller file size too.
This is my test link at the moment. Feel free to have a look and test it out with my comments above. Thank you.

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