SupportCategory: Nominee WordPressHow Do I Remove Padding Above Footer on Events Page?
lgyb asked 8 months ago

I am trying to add the Newsletter Section above the footer on the event page.  I’ve set the margin to 0px as I have done on other pages.  That is usually successful in removing any space between the Newsletter section and the Footer.  Unfortunately, it’s not successful on the event page.  I’ve gone as far as setting the bottom margin, padding and border to 0px and I still have a space.
How do I remove this space above the footer on this page?

2 Answers
Nazibul Hasan Staff answered 8 months ago

Thank you for contacting us. Would you please share us your site URL?

lgyb answered 8 months ago

I will send to your gmail account.

Nazibul Hasan Staff replied 8 months ago