SupportCategory: Daran HTMLHow can I change the skill progress bars to display years of experience
raz asked 3 years ago

Maybe I don’t understand the purpose of those bars right but I would like to use them to display years of experience with that specific skill.
I figured how to specify the horizontal bar percentage and text separately so I can make it indicate how much I want and also display a text like “10+ years”.
How can I do the same with the round bars? It seems like the data-percent parameter is used both for drawing the bar and is displayed in the middle.
I would need to have this split into two parameters: the percentage to draw the bar and the text to display in the middle.
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1 Answers
Trendy Theme Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for using IAMX.
Just keep in mind being a free product, IAMX template is distributed as-is without official support.
If you need any customization or modification you have to do it yourself. You can also hire a freelance developer for customize it.
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