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Juliano Caserta Marin asked 2 years ago

Guys sorry I need to translate to my native language, how could I proceed in this case? OBS: According to the image I want to translate to portuguese-brazil.

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Trendy Theme Staff answered 2 years ago


Translate the POT File and Upload to Your Theme Folder

You can be found POT file on theme folder>language folder, you’ll need to open it in a program like POEdit, and translate the English language into your preferred language. When complete, you’ll want to save the file twice, as two separate files – a .po file and a .mo file. When you save the files, you must name them according to your language code.
Find a list of language codes at WordPress in your Language. As an example, the language code for English is en_EN, so you would save the translated files as en_EN.po first, then When that’s done, simply upload the files to your theme folder>language folder.


Juliano Caserta Marin answered 2 years ago

The search button did not translate.

Nazibul Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Would you please share us your FTP access to solve the search issues? Somehow we missed to add text domain on there. We will add it in our next update.
Kind Regards

Nazibul Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Have you solved your search button (Translation issues) issues?