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Header functionality issues and other questions
By Christianna11 asked 3 months ago

Hello! I am having some problems regarding the functionality of the header.

  1. I have clicked transparent on the sticky menu and yet, when I scroll down, it still appears blue. How do I make it so that it is transparent while I am scrolling? because I thought I had selected that, but it doesn’t appear to be the case.
  2. I was wondering, can the header top bar also scroll along with the sticky menu?
  3. About the header top bar, I have put in social media icons, next to the envelope and email by adding the code on the text section of the header settings. Can you please help me by adding the necessary code so that the page will open in a new window instead of opening in current window? 
  4. Can we add another button next to donate? I would like a volunteer button that looks identical to the donate. I understand if that is not possible though. 
  5. On the page header background, when I make the setting \”no header background\” the header falls on top of page content. why does that happen? What setting would I have to change to ensure that the content is not covered? Thank you!    

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