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SupportCategory: Nominee WPFull Width Elements show up as boxed // CSS Elements are not visible
Full Width Elements show up as boxed // CSS Elements are not visible
By christian_sna asked 5 months ago

1. Full Width Elements
on the website we are building a full-width website. Despite having set it up as full width in the settings and all, it seems that all sub-pages appear boxed. 
I can’t get full-width header images/hero-images or bg colors of sections, even though i set up everything correctly i think (see for example
What am I doing wrong?
2. Elements not visible on front-ed (CSS-animated elements + Post-Grid)
Some elements are not shown on the front-end. This goes for example for the post-grid, when set to “page” and for elements that have CSS-animation enabled. For the CSS-animated elements, sometimes even turning CSS animation off does not make them show up.
Example for Post-Grid:

at the bottom of the page, there is a H2 below which there is a post grid with at least 16 entries. The post-grid is visible in the front-end-editor, but not on the front-end (production):
Example for CSS-animated elements: should show, under the <li>, further elements which are, again, visible in the front-end-editor but not in the front-end

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