Jennifer Clark asked 7 months ago

I wanted to have a pop up/form on homepage to have people sign up for newsletter or blog. I am not sure how to execute this. I did sign up for mailchimp and see they have a widget that I can put on blog or shop side bar and two variants of the footer neither of which i am using unfortunately. So I am unsure how to proceed. I would like to use mailchimp if at all possible.

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Nazibul Hasan Staff answered 7 months ago

Hello Sir,

Generally, There is a limitation to provide support for your purchased support. If you want to do custom work from us please hire us and list down your whole work that we can do it serially.

Kind Regards

Jennifer Clark answered 7 months ago

I dont want custom work. I have just been trying to ask how your theme works as it is not all self evident. For the contact form, where do I find the Contact Form 7 Markup in Word press dashboard

Nazibul Hasan Staff answered 7 months ago


Have you got theme documentation? You will get the whole instruction of theme features in the documentation.
In dashboard, there is an option of contact form and you will get form structure on there. See the screenshot =>

Best Regards