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Prabal Dave asked 8 months ago

I have 3 questions – all related to bottom-right section.

  1. How do I change ‘Emergency number’ text. Instead of ‘Emergency number’ I want another text.
  2. How do I add another phone number?
  3. How do I add icons (bullets) before address & email address which were present in demo.


3 Answers
Trendy Theme Staff answered 8 months ago


1. The text is not changeable, our developer forgot to make an option to change. If you share then we can create an option to change the text for you quickly. We definitely add an option in next update.

2. You can add phone number from your dashboard > Edukare Options  > Footer Settings

3. We disabled the bullets from the list item because we used the font awesome icon. If you want to use bullet then you can use this CSS code:

.primary-footer .footer-address .company-address ul {
list-style: disc;


Prabal Dave answered 8 months ago
  1. Yes, I want to change the text. Should I share the details?
  2. Solved.
  3. Solved.

Thanks 🙂

Trendy Theme Staff answered 8 months ago

Yes, please share your site admin access to create an option to change the text.