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Daniel asked 2 years ago

I have a problem, I want to put the timer/countdown (HTML) with my date but it does not work, I do not know if I’m setting it in the correct format or even in the correct place but it always appears the same time or it appears at zero. 
Can you help me?
Thanks, best regards, 

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Daniel answered 2 years ago

Thanks for the help but I already found what I needed, for future people with the same problem only have to change the date in scripts.js on line 215.

Trendy Theme Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello there,
Would you please share your live site link with us for figure out the actual problem. 
Kind Regards

Daniel answered 2 years ago

The site is not online yet, i just want know where in the html, what page and maybe line i have to put the date, and the format of the date, thanks

Trendy Theme Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello there,
In your script.js you will find a code like this 

/* === CountDown === */
if ($('.countdown').length > 0) {
date: "31 december 2017 12:00:00",
format: "on"

Just replace the date and time from there. The folder pathe is assets/js/scripts.js