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SupportCategory: Rajneti WPCharitable Plugin: Donation Thermometer Incorrect on Template
Charitable Plugin: Donation Thermometer Incorrect on Template
By blacktransmen asked 3 years ago

The thermometer appears to show the result of multiple campaigns when it should only show only the one campaign result.  No matter which campaign i use the amount shows the same.  Here is the page with the problem donation thermometer at the bottom:

How do i fix this?


Here is the message from the Charitable Plugin developer:


On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 12:07 AM Charitable Support <> wrote:

Thanks for this!
We’re able to confirm that this is a theme issue.
The campaign section on the home page is added using the TT Donation Form module. It’s configured to show the donation link for the campaign with ID 1088 (Black Transmen Inc – EmpowerHIM), but the funds raised is including all donations to any campaign.
I’d suggest getting in touch with the theme developers to ask them to fix the issue. You can tell them what I’ve told you.

— Wes Franklin

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