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kw asked 1 month ago

Hello, I’m using a  data-spy=”scroll” menu (like you’d use for a single page site) except I actually have a multi-page site. The menu works correctly when I’m on the home page, but not from the other pages despite updating the href to be “index.html#about”. It doesn’t scroll down to the correct section of the page. Click on “about: in menu on both these pages to see an example:


secondary page:

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Trendy Theme Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hello there,
Sorry for late response. data-spy=”scroll” menu works fine in one page website only. In your case, the hero unit(slider area) preventing to retain the exact area when you click on about section menu from another page. Hero unit taking little time to loading and creating an empty space for a while. That’s why about section overlapping on that empty space.

Some CSS tweaking can fix this issue. You can add a minimum height or any height value for hero unit(aka slider) for retain it’s own area.
Hope it will work. If you can not fix that issue please send your c Panel access privately or send your files in zip format.
Best Regards

kw answered 3 weeks ago

Can you provide me the CSS mentioned above that’s needed to fix this issue (like a minimum height or any height value for hero unit/slider)? And also please tell me exactly where I should place it- like which css file. Thank you!

Trendy Theme Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hello there,
Add this CSS code anywhere of your style.css and let me know if it works.

@media (min-width:992px) {
  #home {
    min-height: 700px;